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5% discount for buyers through the site Welcome to our new website A variety of discounts and promotions on our new website Isppaexpress network expands the company,  jobs are needed for a variety of professional fields

Firming the body and rejuvenating the facial skin


A combination of three patented technologies for effective treatment and long-lasting results

Micro Plasma Spark

The microplasma handle combines technology of radio waves and microplasma to create microplasma energy flashes, creating microscopic injuries in the form of thin canals inside the skin, causing the top layer of skin to peel off and controlled heating of the deep layers of skin. This combined action achieves high efficiency in firming and rejuvenating the skin.


A dedicated handle for all areas of the body, which combines unipolar radio wave technology and mechanical massage, produces controlled heat in the treatment area during an intense and effective massage. Treatment with a UniBody handle, increases the metabolism of cells in adipose tissue, removes excess fluid and waste from the treatment area, through the lymphatic system and reduces the volume of fat cells.

Benefits of treatment using the ACCENT PRO system

Dielecric Heating 

The unique mechanism includes high radio wave energy, which sends 40.68 million signals per second, is absorbed directly into the skin tissue and causes a rapid rotation of the water molecules in the skin tissue. The rapid rotation creates friction that causes powerful and effective heating in the dermis-medium skin layer, restores existing collagen fibers and stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers in the skin. Heating the hypodermis – the deep layer of the skin, reduces the volume of fat cells and accelerates the removal of waste and excess fluid from the area and thus contributes to achieving firmer and smoother skin, reducing the volume and improving the appearance of cellulite.


Microplasma is a technology that causes the evaporation of water molecules (spotty) in the epidermal layer and creates microscopic injuries in the form of thin canals within the skin. This action causes a controlled peeling of the skin and allows the skin to regenerate, without the risk of hyper-pigmentation. In microplasma technology, there is complete control over depth, heating level and skin peeling.

In-Motion Technology

Alma’s gradual heating technology is considered a breakthrough in treatment speed and patient comfort. In-Motion™ technology makes it possible to go through the treatment area several times and send energy in a wide distribution, in order to improve the skin texture and design an extensive area. This technology provides gradual heating to the skin tissue until the effective temperature is achieved for treatment, without pain and side effects. As a result, the skin’s elasticity, skin firming and the contours of the face and body are significantly improved.

Direct targeting

Targeted treatment at different depths of the skin, allows full control of the treatment and results that provide patient satisfaction.

Selective treatment

With effect only to the fat cells, without damaging the surrounding tissues.

High safety

Thanks to controlled heating and a variety of handles, treatments can be performed on all areas of the body, including delicate areas such as the neck and décolleté.

Proven clinical efficacy

The ACCENT Pro system is effective for all skin types and patients of all ages.

Immediately return to routine

The treatment does not require recovery time.

Variety of treatment labels

A system that combines a number of advanced technologies suitable for a wide range of treatments to enhance a wide range of different aesthetic indications.

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