5% discount for buyers through the site Welcome to our new website A variety of discounts and promotions on our new website Isppaexpress network expands the company,  jobs are needed for a variety of professional fields

5% discount for buyers through the site Welcome to our new website A variety of discounts and promotions on our new website Isppaexpress network expands the company,  jobs are needed for a variety of professional fields

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal with the best ™ SHR technology!

The Soprano Titanium device also works with the ™ SHR method, which is considered the most efficient and safe technology for removing unnecessary hair.
SHR ™ is the only method of laser hair removal, which has been proven in clinical studies as a painless treatment method, and as the safest method to treat all skin tones, even dark and tanned skin.

Benefits Of Hair Removal Using Soprano Titanium

  • An extra-wide therapeutic spot, 4 cm in diameter, shortens the duration of the treatment.
  • Three wavelengths in one handle – for a better result in a short time.
  • Continuous cold contact using ICE ™ Plus technology, allows temperature control throughout the treatment and prevention of burns.
  • Painless treatment.
  • Based on the ™ SHR method, the only one that has been proven in clinical research to be effective and safe.
  • For the treatment of all skin types, including dark skin and tanned skin.
  • A double connector optimizes the treatment.
  • Smart Clinic – Easy access to the database at any time and performing marketing activities.
  • Friendly and easy to use: 3 wavelengths simultaneously, temperature control and a large Android screen (15 inches).
  • Saving time enables handling a larger number of customers.


3D Laser – a combination of three wavelengths in one treatment handle for the best result

Soprano Titanium’s 3D Laser technology combines in one handle, three different wavelengths, operating simultaneously. Each of the three laser wavelengths, targets different layers of the skin and different anatomical parts within the hair follicle.
Since the treatment handle sends three different laser wavelengths, the treatment is more effective and in combination with ICE ™ Plus, it is also the safest treatment available in the field of hair removal, without fear of burns and pain.

Wavelength 755 Alex nano meter

Alexandrite laser wavelength improves the absorption of the laser beam at a higher intensity in the melanin pigment. Combined with continuous cold contact, extensive therapeutic coverage, this wavelength is ideal for hair removal in the widest range of shades and hair types and especially for light and thin hair. Wavelength 755 nano meter, allows increased superficial penetration into the hair follicle and is suitable for areas such as eyebrows and upper lip.

SPEED™ 810 – More treatments in a shorter time

Laser wavelength 810 nano meter, is a classic wavelength for laser hair removal and it allows deep penetration of the laser beam into the hair follicle. It is also absorbed in melanin in moderate grade, a feature that makes it safe to treat darker skin tones.

The deep penetration ability of the laser beam of this length, makes it ideal for the treatment of the arms, legs, cheeks and chin.

YAG wavelength 1064 nano meter

The ability to penetrate deep into the hair follicle makes the YAG 1064 wavelength suitable for hair removal in areas such as the armpit and intimate organs.

Handling hard-to-reach areas

The device is equipped with an end accessory with a thin therapeutic spot, suitable for removing hair in narrow and hard-to-reach areas such as the ears, nostrils and between the eyebrows.

Hair removal in intimate areas

For hair removal treatments in intimate areas, the company has created a unique disposable accessory. The use of an accessory for the treatment of intimate areas, ensures that patients maintain hygiene, and the therapist – maximum comfort in performing the treatment. (10 units in each package).

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Hair removal for children and teens

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Hair removal for men

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Hair removal in all seasons

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